Revision in Lone Tree and Aspen, CO

Revision Skincare is family of products that were manufactured holistically to correct skin naturally. Their products can be used alone, or in tandem with skin treatments like masks and injectables to maximize their effectiveness overtime. Patients with mild to moderate skin issues will benefit from the Revision family greatly.

Revision’s Vitamin C Lotion 30% is the most potent form of topical vitamin C that is medically available. This lotion delivers the stable form of vitamin C; called THD ascorbate, for the healthiest and most radiant looking skin. While most over the counter vitamin C products are formulated with ascorbic acid (unstable vitamin C) they are not able to penetrate as deeply as products containing THD ascorbate. Revision designed their Vitamin C Lotion with 30% potency, the highest bioavailable, to become the leader of tightening and brightening the skin.


Revox 7 is a revolutionary peptide-rich serum for the expression lines of the face. This formula incorporates seven different peptides, a method which is patented by Revision, to soften fine lines and wrinkles literally within the first application. No other anti-aging serum available compares to the fast acting and long lasting results of Revox 7. All of our cosmetic injection packages include Revox 7 as well, to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

Nectifirm ADVANACED is a lotion that targets visible signs of aging on the neck and décolletage. This product is one of it’s kind, being the first and most potent form of anti-aging medically available for the neck. It uses your skin’s own antioxidant system and eight distinctive peptides to reduce wrinkles, creases and crepiness around the neck. This product is a great option for patients that want to improve the firmness of their neck, or even injectable patients that wish to have the skin on their neck match the look and feel of the skin on their face.


Revision offers many quality, specifically engineered formulas for different skin issues. Schedule your free skin consultation to learn how Revision products may be able to help you.