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Colorado Ophthalmology and Cosmedics

Aesthetics / IV Center

Facial Aesthetics

  • Injectables - Neurotoxin and Lip Fillers
  • Sofwave - Brow lift, neck tightening, under eye bags
  • Plasma Pen - Upper and lower eyelids, crows feet, facial lines and loose skin
  • TriLift - Minimally invasive face lift, RF microneedling
  • IPL - light based treatment helpful with pigmentation issues, skin quality, rosacea
  • Skin Pen - MicroNeedling for acne and texture improvement

Hair Removal

  • Soprano Ice - Laser hair removal. Comfortable for all skin types

Body Contouring

  • Accufit - Muscle stimulation can target many areas in movement specific patterns. Build muscle, lose fat!

Cellulite And Stretch Marks

  • Mix and match with our Sofwave, TriLift and Plasm Pen technology to address these challenging issues.

Weight Management And Fitness

  • Combine benefits of Accufit with Semaglutide injections, nutritional counseling, trainer directed fitness program and targeted nutritional supplementation with oral or injectable compounds under a doctor’s supervision.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

  • Explore the ability of Accufit to accelerate recovery with less muscle loss and full range of motion.

Dry Eye Center

Dry Eye Diagnostics

  • Complete diagnostic evaluations

Dry Eye Therapeutics

  • LipiFlow - Thermal pulsation of meibomian glands, we were the first to introduce this to Colorado!
  • Blephex - A lid margin in office cleaning device.
  • TriLid - We are able to train the orbicularis muscle to blink more completely, another missing link!
  • Optimal IPL - FDA approved light based treatment to address the inflammatory consequences of DED using principles of photobiomodulation.
  • Plasma Pen - For treatment of conjunctivochalasis (CCh), a frequently underdiagnosed component of dry eye disease.

Dry Eye Custom Maintenance Programs

Colorado Ophthalmology and Cosmedics
Colorado Ophthalmology and Cosmedics

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Colorado Aesthetics and Dry Eye
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